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Gabby to Compete in Judo World Championship

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Photo: International Judo Federation

National Judo Champion and record holder Gabriella Wood is set to take part in the 2021 Judo World Championship in Budapest, Hungary this Saturday.

Wood, who currently lives in Scotland, traveled to Hungary last Thursday ahead of the meet which began on Saturday. She is in familiar territory though, as she lived in Hungary in 2018 while training at the International Judo Federation’s Olympic Training Centre.

Even though her coach couldn’t travel with her due to travel restrictions within the UK, she’s aware of the task ahead and in the mean time is working on keeping her cardio up, stretching and working on her grip.

“I feel good I had a good training block coming into this. It would’ve been nice to have my coach here but the travel restrictions in the UK are a bit dicey but I know what I have to do.” Wood told T&T Sport Diary.

We asked the 23-year old how confident she was in securing a podium spot but she reiterated her youth in the event even though the sport is an unpredictable one.

“That’s a tough question. This (is)my first World Championships and I’m still quite young in the sport, I still have a lot to learn. However, this is judo and judo is one of the most unpredictable sports where anything can happen.”

On Saturday, T&T’s lone fighter on the international circuit will begin her tournament in Round two and she is set to battle the winner of round one’s match up between Russia’s Gasparian vs Mongolia’s Amarsaikhan in Pool A.

As of now, Gabriella has qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games via the PanAmerican quota and her spot would be solidified after a good performance this weekend since this is the last qualification meet.

All the best Gabby, T&T is behind you!

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