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Jones named Head Coach of SNWT after being Interim for a month

Kenwyne Jones’ contract was set to expire on November 30th but the TTFA seemed impressed with his performance thus far, prompting today’s announcment that he is now the Head Coach of the Trinidad and Tobago Senior Women’s National Team.

The former Premier League player, who took on the role of interim Senior Women’s coach from October 18th to Novemver 30, will now assume full-time responsibility for the team, commencing December 1, 2021, with a nine-month contract that provides him the option to extend his term for a further year, based on the achievement of KPI’s and a successful performance appraisal. His first competitive will be at the Concacaf W Qualifiers in February.

Jones and his troops will head into a friendly battle today when they play the Dominican Republic at 5pm.

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