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St. Hillaire Picks Up Second Gold at Jim Green Invitational

Sprinter and Olympian Dwight St. Hillaire stuck in winners' row after he was apart of the winning 4x400m men's relay squad at the Jim Green Invitational in Kentucky. Representing the University of Kentucky, St. Hillaire picked up gold on Friday evening in the men's 200m final in a time of 21.02 seconds while Kentucky's A Team ran a time of 3:05.01, Dwight on the third leg, to pick up his second gold of the tournament. Heading across to Chicago to the Badgers Big Ten Midwest Invitational, Ohio State's Eric Harrison, recently naturalized, finished first in his heat in the men's 300m dash in a time of 33.65 seconds but ended third overall. Representing The University of Illinois, running in the men's 300m dash as well, Kashief King finished 2nd in his race but 6th overall with a time of 34.36 seconds. in the men's 4x400m relay, King and Company picked up Gold to beat the field with a time of 3:13.61. Purdue University's Sophomore Naomi Campbell 11th in the 60m dash prelims in a time of 7.74 seconds. In the women‘s 60m dash final, University of Minnesota’s Akilah Lewis finished third in a time of 7.36 seconds.

Dwight St Hillaire. Photo: University of Kentucky

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