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The Trinbagonian MMA Terror!

"Well firstly I grew up as a wild child and always liked to wild play with my family and friends. One day, a good friend of mine told me about this guy (Adam De Silva) in the area (was) a looking to open up a gym. So we went there just for wildness and so I started training with Adam." That's a brief intoduction to how 24-year old Trinbagonian and Rough House MMA fighter/kickboxer Omar 'Terror' Smith career began.

De Silva quickly recognised Smith's ability and talent and very soon after, he was fully dedicated to training. At fourteen years old, he was putting in 3-4 hours per day of intense training in grappling, boxing, kickboxing, judo and MMA, after which he began competing at a local level in those aforementioned combat sports. Smith soon became the national champion in Boxing, Judo and Grappling then became the Regional Kickboxing Champion- he's currently ranked #1 in the Caribbean with a record of 7-0. He fights both at feather-weight (145lb) and light-weight (155lb) and has an MMA record of 6-2, fresh off a victory over the #1 ranked in Alabama, Cameron Teague.

Smith highlighted to T&T Sport Diary the state of the sport in Trinidad and Tobago and the need for more recognition. “So right now MMA is relatively new in Trinidad and Tobago. There's alot of development that needs to be done and everything we do is l mainly (from) private sponsorship. Our Government don't recognize it (MMA) as an official sport just yet so we're like the pioneers of the sport...So we're just trying to do things the right way so those coming up after us will have it easier than we did.” He ended. What’s your biggest accomplishment to date, we asked? “Well every fight I take is bigger than the last so It'll be my most recent fight because this guy was undefeated and is in the top 5 in the US southeast.”

Terror is aware of where he’s at and the work he needs to put in to take it to the next level. “As for me, I've been training ten years now and I've been sharpening my skills day in day out and I know I'll make it into the big leagues soon just have to keep the love for the sport and keep training and competing.”

We’ll continue to keep a very close eye on Smith as he progresses over the sports in the coming weeks/months.

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