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USA Narrowly Defeats T&T Men’s Hockey

Trinidad and Tobago men’s Hockey team put on a brave and stunning performance in their opening match of the PanAm Cup vs USA on Tuesday afternoon in Chile, despite losing 4-3. After going behind in the 12th minute, T&T answered back in the 15th minute via Jordan Vieira To level the scores. The scores remained unchanged for the rest of the first half with T&T, clad in their black uniforms, controlling the game for much of that period. Most of the action though, came in the third quarter, as four goals were scored in four minutes. USA took the lead in the 42nd minute but Tariq Marcano would soon fire back T&T into the game with a penalty. Just a minute later, Joel Daniel scored a well-worked goal to give Trinidad and Tobago their first lead of the game - although it lasted less than a minute, as USA Equalized in the 45th minute. Coming into the 4th quarter, all tied up, USA got the winner six minutes from stoppage time after winning a penalty, which Aki Kaeppeler calmly converted. The men will rest and recover for Saturday’s game against Mexico while the women will jump into action tomorrow against Peru at 1pm.

Photo: PanAm Hockey

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